In 2013 I initiated an artist residency at Wytham Woods, a woodland used by the University of Oxford for environmental research and conservation.


In this 'atelier en plein air' I am experimenting with basic optics and light sensitive materials.


The wind, changes in season and long exposures abstract the woods and the changing weather conditions like the rain, sun and humidity attack and melt the photographic emulsion; together they create unique and unrepeatable images.


The pinhole images show the course of the woods around the sun. The photograms are chance and accidental drawings; a collaboration with natural elements made by placing photographic paper on branches and bushes or directly in contact with the ground to create intimacy and minimises impact on the woods.


My working process sets aside the empirical research of the scientific community working in the woods. By choosing a non-anthropocentric approach (in my work there are no dates, duration or specific locations and botanical details)  I am highlighting the interdependent relationship between humans and nature and the place of humans at the centre of nature.


The work also comments on digital and mass produced images; the deliberate imperfections of my images and process humanise the work.




maga-esberg-wytham-eye-pos maga-esberg-wytham-negative-eye maga-esberg-wytham-photogram- maga-esberg-wytham-photogram-_2 maga-esberg-wytham-photogram-_1

Photograms 11 x 9 inches © Maga Esberg 2017

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Pinhole Camera images 11 x 9 inches © Maga Esberg 2017

Pinhole Camera images various sizes © Maga Esberg 2017