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As part of the Oxford International Women’s Festival 2018 and the International Women’s Day 2018, HATCHED 2018, will showcase work from 8 March to 23 April 2018 at the Jam Factory, Oxford.


Aileen Creegan, Alice Brookes, Annie Le Santo, Anthea Richards, Chelsea Brown, Claire Ringrose, Dympna Irwin, Ellen Hausner, Ellen Taylor, Holly Broughton, Hugh Palmer, Jenny Wylie, Jumanan Hokan, Kitty Frilling, Maga Esberg, Maryam Majd, Miranda Gavin, Miranda Jones, Nia Walling, Gill White


HATCHED is a creative platform set up by artist and curator Maga Esberg in 2015 to develop, create and promote art addressing global, private and public female experiences and issues.


‘Maga Esberg said:

‘I run this creative space to encourage artists to speak up about women, most importantly to feel it is valid to do so. The Women’s Marches of 2017 and 18 and the #MeToo campaign show that our western society is still defined by patriarchal traditions and institutions where hard-won rights such as reproductive rights and access to healthcare can be put at risk by sudden political changes. One hundred years on from getting the right to vote, women continue to press for change and take a more active role in political life, including lobbying and standing for elections. I believe that art can and should play a vital role in these challenging and exciting times.'





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